It is impossible to foresee all possible dangers during transportation and if something go wrong, the compensation to which you’re entitled is normally calculated against a ‘limited liability clause’.
Under limited liability, damaged or lost cargo is assessed by weight, not value. So in all likelihood, your compensation could be dramatically less than the commercial value of the goods.


Carrier’s liability by different transport modes:

-Airfreight up to 19.00 SDR* per gross kg
-Road transport up to 8.33 SDR per gross kg
-Oceanfreight up to 2.00 SDR per gross kg

-1 SDR = ~EUR 0.79 EUR ( 23.10.15)

SDR Valuation.

If the value of your goods is greater than the amount to be compensated by the carrier, we recommend that you insure your shipment.


Cargo insurance covers loss or damage to goods caused by the following reasons:

-Traffic Accident
-Natural forces

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